Sticky Fingers, first UK Pressing, 1971

Cover: Cardboard with paper inserts containing vinyl album

The Rolling Stones’ Sticky Fingers, released in April 1971, is widely considered among the greatest albums and greatest album covers in the history of Rock and Roll. This first UK Pressing is in excellent condition with the early, large-sized working zipper and belt buckle as designed by Andy Warhol. It is a palpable piece of Rock and Pop Art history.

Warhol reportedly had several different men photographed for the cover image and never revealed who the final subject was. After retailers complained that the zipper was causing damage to the vinyl, the zipper was partially “unzipped” and fixed in place to minimize the potential for damage. The album also features the first usage of the band’s “tongue & lips” logo, which was originally designed by Ernie Cefalu. The album has been framed in a shadow box frame with the vinyl record preserved on the reverse in a slipcover for easy access along with the original inside photographic reproduction of the band.


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