1st Battalion Madras Pioneers Album

A remarkable photographic album documenting the building of the Kalewa-Kalemyoo Road in Burma. The album contains twenty-three large original photographs (8” x 6”) and nine 3 ½” x 4 ½“ photographs mounted on thirteen card leaves, majority neatly captioned in ink. Dark and strong plates with no fading, full black morocco album rubbed at extremities

Extraordinary photographs documenting the Chin Hills in the Kale Valley and progress made in completion of a main road. The road building was part of England’s more general attempt to consolidate control of the region. One photograph identifies Col. Fenwick, presumably Col. George Carew Fenwick, Assistant Adjutant General, Madras from 1892–3 and had served in Second Afghan War and Burma Expedition of 1885–7.

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