Introduction: “Travels with the Merry Antiquary”

The merry antiquary is keenly aware that an afternoon spent admiring medieval chess pieces at the Musee de Cluny is not everyone’s idea of the perfect day in Paris. Nor will most find it worth the detour to discover a well-preserved fishing village in the Basque country or an old…

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Posted on 2011 01 05 in An Antiquary Abroad

The Antiquary’s New York

It is hard for an antiquary to resist waxing nostalgic for a lost New York. Great as the City is, there is a resigned sadness at the loss of the idiosyncratic shops that once dotted the Avenues, pushed out by rising rents and increasingly homogenized tastes. Indeed, since I first…

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Posted on 2011 12 22 in An Antiquary Abroad

The Antiquary’s Paris

In my imagination, I am the urbane flaneur who idles happily in the cafes and parks of Paris with no particular agenda beyond the interested observation. The reality, alas, is that I harbor far too restless and results-oriented a temperament to fully embrace the role of flaneur. Perhaps there is…

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Posted on 2011 01 07 in An Antiquary Abroad